Client Love

The smartest business decision I made in 2019 was to ask Crystal Statskey for help with my online marketing and social media presence. She has streamlined the process for me completely, and actually creates most of my content! This was a task that took me so much time and effort; it’s such a relief that Crystal has taken that work off my plate. Our audience is growing daily, and I’m able to focus on my product and filling orders! 

– Leslie Ameduri

Up until hiring Crystal, I was the online marketer who would do it all for her clients but not for herself. I was inconsistent with my own online marketing for years. I hired Crystal to manage projects and my company’s online marketing. Ever since hiring Crystal, we’ve been the most consistent with our online marketing than ever before, our audience is growing, and we’re getting great engagement!

– Tara Wilder

GREAT person! She really helps keep me on track with my business and helps with blog posts, copyrighting and more. Highly recommended! She is on time, on budget and great!

– Trevor Rappleye

Trying to start an online business is difficult – especially when you’re still currently full-time. Crystal has helped keep me focused, organize my thoughts, and most importantly make me feel like I’m not ignoring my online presence. She does in minutes what would take me hours (maybe even days!). I can focus on my content, she keeps the social media in check. I can’t do it all – that’s why I have Crystal’s expertise to help make my dreams a reality! 

– Tiffany Ferguson

I would like to say that Crystal is first of all up front and honest with everything she does. I have known Crystal for approximately 6 years and she created our “Stoney Acres” website and has written all of our social media posts along with email blasts for the last 4 years or more. I am very excited to have her doing our monthly social media marketing for us. With her help, we are positive that we can take our company to the next level. I would highly recommend Crystal and her social media experience.

– Rick Kingsbury

I am amazed as I watch my followers grow on Instagram and Facebook. She’s my social angel!

– Sherri Ewing

I hired Crystal to help with my social media platforms (FB, IG, and Twitter) for both my happiness coaching and my education business. She is very knowledgeable about how the platforms work and she always gives me feedback and advice, which I appreciate. Also, my team runs at a very fast pace and Crystal is super responsive and gets things done!

– Kim Strobel

I can definitely vouch for Crystal and the works she’s done for me on Instagram has been fantastic!

– Andy Singh

Honestly, if I didn’t hire Crystal, my launch and business would’ve been so disorganized. She really has a knack for consistency and the proof she preaches is definitely in the pudding. She taught me the importance of consistency in all aspects of business. Not to mention, she’s pretty incredible at email marketing and web design. It’s those little things that people overlook that she’s really good at. I couldn’t have gotten these services streamlined without her.

– Kat Bonner

Grief Coach