Content Marketing Strategy Road Map

The 90-minute strategy call to help you create
high converting content from start to finish

Are you failing to stay consistent with your content?

You recognize the important role your content plays in getting your ideal client to seek you out on social media, but can’t seem to find your rhythm in staying consistently top of mind. 

Have you realized your content isn’t performing at its highest potential?

You might be posting but find that what you are doing now is simply not working like it used to.
Content marketing is evolving and you are needing a fresh strategy that is proven to work.

If that is you….

THIS IS AN INVITATION TO WORK WITH ME in a 90-min 1:1 strategy call to create a content plan around your offer and how you can begin creating or repurposing content in a fast and effective way that will convert your seekers into buyers.

Here's what you get:​

➵ 1 90-min call that includes consulting, strategy, and planning

➵2 weeks of email support after the strategy call for any questions and support 

➵ Call notes, recording + personalized marketing plan included

By the time you are done with your strategy session you will:

➵  Have a go to checklist to walk you through creating consistent high converting content on auto-pilot

➵  Have an organized bank of content ideas so they know exactly what kind of content you should focus on to reach your ideal clients

➵  Feel confident on how to continuously repurpose your content over and over

➵  Have a content calendar that will take the guesswork out of what, where and when to post.

With content marketing consistently growing there has never been a better time to get your content right and working for you then now!

Let's break it down! Here's how the call goes:

Part 1: Discovery Phase

-Let’s talk about your program/offer and I will teach you a content planning system you can start working on right away.

-We’ll discuss what you’re currently doing in your content marketing so we can find the holes we need to fill to make your marketing plan complete.

-This is also where we will determine what’s working and not working in your existing plan. 

Part 2:  Brainstorming Phase

-Brainstorm themes and categories for your biz and offers

-Create custom themes and categories tailored around your business

-Create a strong vision on what you do and how it can transform your idea clients business

Part 3: Implementation Phase

-At the end of the call, you’ll receive a very clear weekly planning system to make sure that your content is created consistently and you are seen by your followers frequently enough to get noticed and paid attention to.

-You will then have two weeks of email follow up support for any and all questions in between as you implement the strategy.


One time price of $397
Charged at time of booking

Hey! I’m Crystal.

I’m a repurposing and visibility strategist that’s been working alongside clients to streamline their content marketing strategies and automate sales for several years.

I help my clients build an unmistakable online presence, master their consistency, and gain massive visibility so they can turn their followers into sales, and become leaders in their industry.

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