Event Marketing Strategy Road Map

The 90-minute Strategy Call

To Help You Create High Converting Events From Start to Finish

Here’s the thing:

If you’re just looking to sell, sell, sell – Your audience won’t listen.

Which is why you need to provide value and give them a reason to pay attention.

One way to do that is by hosting an event.

It could be a virtual webinar, an in-person seminar, or just something fun to get your audience involved and to recognize YOUR business as the go-to leader in your niche.

The event could be free or paid, either way, the intention is to have it lead to something bigger.

Ready to build a funnel that will have your ideal client dying to work with you?

It all starts by hosting a single event. 

Here's what you get:

THIS IS AN INVITATION TO WORK WITH ME in a 90-min 1:1 strategy call to create an event marketing plan so you can run an in-person or virtual event to grow your business and leads in no time.

Imagine if you could spend a single day with an event marketing strategist like myself developing your entire end-to-end plan for a successful event, rather than running on the never-ending hamster wheel!

90-min call that includes consulting, strategy, and planning so you can immediately begin to promote your event after the call

2 weeks of email support after the strategy call for any questions and support so you have the help you need

Call notes, recording + personalized event marketing plan included

You’ll avoid countless hours wasted on YouTube videos and tutorials, and have focus and clarity on the aspects of your event that truly make a difference.

Which means you’ll walk away from this call feeling confident and assured that you’re on the right path.

By the time you are done with your strategy session you will:

➵ Have a go-to checklist to walk you through setting up
and promoting your high- converting event on auto-pilot

➵  Have an organized bank of event ideas so you know exactly
what kind of events you should focus on to reach your ideal clients

➵  Feel confident on how to continuously repurpose those events
and turn them into evergreen content

➵  Have a content calendar that will take the guesswork out of
what, where and how to promote your event

Together, we’ll create multi-layered, community-building experiences that are enjoyed and remembered by your audiences and keep them coming back for more.

Crystal & Shane

Let's break it down! Here's how the call goes:

Part 1: Discovery

Let’s talk about your business and offers so I can begin to put together a list of event ideas that are right for your audience

We’ll discuss what you’re currently doing in your marketing so we can find the holes we need to fill to make your event marketing plan complete

This is also where we will determine what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for you in the past if applicable

Part 2: Brainstorming Phase

Discuss the possible events that fit your business and determine our best option to focus on during our call together

Based on the chosen event, we’ll create a custom event marketing plan geared towards the one event that is tailored around your business

Create a strong vision on what you do and how it can transform your ideal clients business by hosting this one event

Part 3: Implementation Phase

At the end of the call, you’ll receive a very clear event marketing system to make sure that your event promotions are seen by your followers enough to get noticed and booked out

You will then have two weeks of email follow up support for any and all questions in between as you implement the strategy

One time price of $497
Charged at time of booking

Hi there, I'm Crystal

I’m an Event Marketing Expert running my business remotely while dog walking and travelling the world. I’ve been working alongside clients to streamline their content marketing strategies and automate sales for several years.

I help my clients build an unmistakable online presence, master their consistency, and gain massive visibility with events and compelling content so they can turn their followers into sales, and become leaders in their industry.

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