Why Crystal?

Crystal Statskey is an OBM and Launch Strategist running her business remotely while blogging and traveling the world. She helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs streamline their launch and automate sales so they can reach a wider audience, grow their impact, and fast track big results. 


Crystal has been helping businesses on the side with their digital marketing needs for about 6 years all while she attended college and worked full time jobs. No matter what career path she descended upon, she just couldn’t take the mind-numbing day-to-day, repetitive tasks of working in an office for someone else. She knew her passion was digital marketing and creative work, but no matter who she worked for, she never felt fulfilled.


She knew working for herself was the ultimate goal. No matter how many people told her, “It’s not right for you”, “It doesn’t happen for people like you”, or “It’s too difficult.” She never let that get her down to pursue her passion of working remotely. 


Growing up she always had fun creating and designing her own blogs, creating posters and cards on her parents computer, and displaying her life on social media. She never would have thought all that fun would land her first client 6 years ago when a family friend asked her to do these things for them. She designed their website, created print marketing materials, and has been running their social media and email marketing ever since. As the years went by, she gained more clients even while she traveled and held down full-time jobs.


When it comes to launching a business and helping online entrepreneurs with specific tasks, the results speak for themselves. With her strategy and creativity, she guides each one of her clients through those stressful and overwhelming times in their business when they need help. She’s the extra hand so that you can get s*** done in your online business. 


Now when she’s not traveling, you can find Crystal working in her own office at her home with her cat on her lap and her dogs by her side. This travel blogging, animal loving, car enthusiast can accomplish anything if she sets her mind to it and she will do the same for you and your business if given the chance.

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