Content Marketing Strategy Road Map

The 90-minute Strategy Call

To Help You Create High-converting Content From Start to Finish

What if you could transform your content game and elevate your online presence?

What if you had an entire vault of high-converting content ideas at your fingertips, ensuring each week is filled with impactful posts that resonate with your audience?

What if you could break free from the cycle of inconsistency and rediscover the joy of posting with purpose?

But let’s take a moment and address where you might find yourself right now…

You may be struggling to maintain consistency in your content because you’re grappling with what to post.

You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs need help with wanting to stay present but find themselves needing more compelling content ideas and inspiration to keep posting.

If you’re ready to break free from the frustration of inconsistent content and want to revitalize your approach, this 90-minute Content Marketing Strategy Road Map is your solution!

THIS IS AN INVITATION TO WORK WITH ME in a 90-minute 1:1 content marketing strategy roadmap call to create a content plan around your offer and how you can begin creating or repurposing content in a fast and effective way that will convert your seekers into buyers.

Your content strategy experience includes:

➵ 1 90-min call that includes consulting, strategy, and planning

➵2 weeks of email support after the strategy call for any questions and support

➵ Call notes, recording + personalized marketing plan included

By the time you are done with your strategy session you will:

➵ Have a go-to checklist to walk you through creating consistent high-converting content on auto-pilot

➵ Have an organized bank of content ideas so they know exactly what kind of content you should focus on to reach your ideal clients

➵ Feel confident about how to repurpose your content over and over continuously

➵ Have a content calendar that will take the guesswork of what, where, and when to post.

With content marketing consistently growing, there has never been a better time to get your content right and working for you than now!

Crystal & Shane

Let's break it down! Here's how the call goes:

Part 1: Discovery

-Let’s talk about your program/offer, and I will teach you a content planning system you can start working on immediately.

-We’ll discuss what you’re currently doing in your content marketing so we can find the holes we need to fill to make your marketing plan complete.

-This is also where we will determine what’s working and not working in your existing plan.

Part 2: Brainstorming Phase

-Brainstorm themes and categories for your biz and offers

-Create custom themes and categories tailored to your business

-Create a strong vision of what you do and how it can transform your ideal client’s business

Part 3: Implementation Phase

-You will receive a weekly planning system to ensure that your content is created consistently and you are seen by your followers frequently enough to get noticed and paid attention to.

-You will then have two weeks of email follow-up support for any questions in between as you implement the strategy.

One time price of $397
Charged at time of booking

You may think, “There are so many other things I want to invest in right now,” or “I need to make more money first, then I will do this.”
Those are very common thoughts, but let’s face it…You’ll never get the results you want if you’re not COMMITTED, and sometimes, we need to invest to show up for ourselves.
Nailing your content and getting it out there consistently is THE quickest way to getting those clients you’re looking for, and at this limited-time price, the investment couldn’t be more valuable!

Hi there, I'm Crystal

Your content marketing strategist. I’m passionate about helping small businesses like yours shine online, build consistency in your marketing, and skyrocket your visibility.

The goal? Turning your followers into devoted clients and positioning you as the go-to authority in your niche.

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