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What started as a small Facebook group is now also in-person! Come join a network of amazing women entrepreneurs from all industries who love to have fun, while also building connections and referrals.

Monetize Your Passion Society holds in-person events all over the Greater Rochester area, as well as virtual events for those all over the world, actively educating, inspiring and connecting women entrepreneurs with an exclusive, yet informal, referral system.

Come meet, mingle and have the opportunity to join an exclusive referral system in which you can expect to network and meet women from all different industries and build connections and referrals.

Let me ask you…

As a solopreneur, do you ever feel lonely in your business? Like you’re on an island all by yourself with no one to turn to or lean on for support?

Are you feeling stuck in a bubble and lack that social aspect of working in an office? Sure, you don’t want to work for a corporation ever again, but you miss the kinship you had with your coworkers.

Does any of this sound like you?

If so, you’re not alone.

It’s out of the passion of connection that I’ve created this FB group for the passionate and hard working women entrepreneurs who are wanting to connect with others who are feeling just as lonely as solopreneurs. Just because you’ve chosen to work for yourself, doesn’t mean you should work by yourself.

Founded by Crystal Statskey, a repurposing and visibility strategist that specializes in content creation and digital marketing consulting. Crystal is also the organizer for the Wanderful Rochester chapter and an avid traveler. She’s been doing digital marketing for clients for 10+ years and has an active background in event planning.

Monetize Your Passion Society is free to join, some events will charge a fee for attendance.

This group hosts both virtual/in-person events, so now matter where you are in the world, you can join in on all the fun!

Once you are inside you will find opportunities to:

➼ Join a network of potential referrals from all over the world

➼  Be a part of virtual and in-person events and

➼  Learn from webinars where you will find tips and tricks to getting your business streamlined and set up for success!

To get in on all the fun, watch the livestream webinars, and participate in activities, be sure to join Monetize Your Passion Society on FB: 

Work from Home with Crystal and the Monetize Your Passion Society by listening to our favorite playlist.​

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