Show Up To Stand Out

Are you looking to turn your audience into sales and clients?

Let me guess – you launched your business or a new offer, but the sales still aren’t happening as quickly as you want them to be? Or maybe you’re getting clients here and there, but your income goals still seem out of reach…

You’ve found yourself running on the never-ending hamster wheel of creating content, but feel like you have nothing to show for it.

You’re sick of feeling so burnt out and overwhelmed all the time, and you know it’s time for something to change.

Am I getting close?

The smartest business decision I made in 2019 was to ask Crystal Statskey for help with my online marketing and social media presence. She has streamlined the process for me completely, and actually creates most of my content! This was a task that took me so much time and effort; it’s such a relief that Crystal has taken that work off my plate. Our audience is growing daily, and I’m able to focus on my product and filling orders! 

Leslie Ameduri

Hi, I’m Crystal, and I’m here to help you go from invisible to in-demand in as little as 6 weeks.

I’m an OBM and visibility strategist that’s been working alongside clients to streamline their content marketing strategies and automate sales for several years.

I help my clients build an unmistakable online presence, master their consistency, and gain massive visibility so they can turn their followers into sales, and become leaders in their industry.

So, if you’re ready to stop launching to crickets and start building that audience full of raving fans who can’t wait to work with you, then this program is right for you.

Let’s get you to that “next level” you’ve been staring at…

Imagine: Showing up confidently with ease and having kick-ass content on the platforms your audience uses every day that leaves them no choice but to stand up, take notice, and want to work with you.

Let’s de-mystify how YOU can master social media and email marketing so you can start converting more of your audience into paying clients ASAP.

Not to mention, have your audience look to you as the go-to leader in your niche so you can open the doors to additional opportunities for visibility like publicity, speaking opportunities, and more…

Up until hiring Crystal, I was the online marketer who would do it all for her clients but not for herself. I was inconsistent with my own online marketing for years. I hired Crystal to manage projects and my company’s online marketing. Ever since hiring Crystal, we’ve been the most consistent with our online marketing than ever before, our audience is growing, and we’re getting great engagement!

– Tara Wilder

What You Get:

💥 6 45-min strategy calls, unlimited Voxer support, and actionable steps assigned to you each week to hold you accountable and keep you on the fast-track towards reaching your goals.

💥 A strategic blueprint that’s customized specifically for you so you know exactly what needs to happen to hit that level of visibility you’ve been dreaming of and start turning that audience into clients ASAP.

💥 Content planning guides and calendars to map things out for months at a time, so you’re never scrambling to figure out what to post or letting your consistency take a backseat ever again.

💥 Personal feedback on all copy and content, because that’s what I do and am an expert at!


The full investment in this program is $650 for 6 weeks, with an the option of 3 payments of $220/month

This price isn’t gonna last. Let’s get you strategically visible and get you more clients.

What To Expect:

In as little as 6 weeks, we’ll transform your content marketing to attract better, high-paying clients and you’ll get crystal clear on how to market to them with proven strategies that will have you growing and scaling quickly. All the while getting the guidance, support and accountability you need to reach your goals.

So, if you want a toolbox to start getting strategically visible, create content that positions you above the noise and attract your ideal clients, then this package is right for you.

Trying to start an online business is difficult – especially when you’re still currently full-time. Crystal has helped keep me focused, organize my thoughts, and most importantly make me feel like I’m not ignoring my online presence. She does in minutes what would take me hours (maybe even days!). I can focus on my content, she keeps the social media in check. I can’t do it all – that’s why I have Crystal’s expertise to help make my dreams a reality! 

– Tiffany Ferguson

Who This Is For:

This opportunity is perfect for those that have an operational business and have a clear message of how they want to show up to their clients. The determined, the do-it-yourselfers who need expert guidance and strategic support to reach their goals.

Are you done sitting stagnant in your fears, and ready to show up and stand out to your perfect-fit clients?

Are you done sitting stuck in overwhelm and ready to start taking massive action forward?

Then I’d love for you to book a complimentary discovery call by clicking the button below!


In short, this program will push you to be consistently taking action that will lead to getting MORE clients and the recognition as the expert you are. You will have the clarity and confidence that comes with having a strategic and proven content marketing strategy that you can use for years to come.

You’ve been waiting for a clear path and here’s your chance to break through all the nonsense and focus on what will actually work for you and your business. And I will be there with you every step of the way💪 

Honestly, if I didn’t hire Crystal, my launch and business would’ve been so disorganized. She really has a knack for consistency and the proof she preaches is definitely in the pudding. She taught me the importance of consistency in all aspects of business. Not to mention, she’s pretty incredible at email marketing and web design. It’s those little things that people overlook that she’s really good at. I couldn’t have gotten these services streamlined without her.

– Kat Bonner

Grief Coach

Why should I take this opportunity now rather than putting it off until later?

You may be thinking, “there are so many other things I want to invest in right now” or “I need to make more money first, then I will do this.” Those are very common thoughts, but let’s face it…You’ll never get the results you want if you’re not COMMITTED, and sometimes we need to make an investment to really show up for ourselves. Nailing your content and getting it out there consistently is THE quickest way to getting those clients you’re looking for, and at this limited-time price, the investment couldn’t be more valuable!

What if I don’t get results?

The only way you won’t get results is if you don’t show up and do the work. If you can trust yourself to commit to the process, take action, and execute consistently, you WILL see results.

“What if I want to outsource this? Is there a ‘done for you’ process offered?”

So happy you asked! Aside from being a visibility strategist, I’m also an online business manager (OBM). So you can have the best of both worlds! Not only can I help you by suggesting strategies to increase your visibility, but I can also execute tasks to help you build an audience and save you TONS OF TIME from doing it yourself. This is, of course, separate from this program, so contact me directly if this interests you.


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