How To Use Instagram Stories To Tell Your Brand Story

Are you feeling you are getting lost in Instagram’s new algorithm? 

Do you see your engagement numbers decreasing and you’re wondering WTF?!

The struggle is real, I know. You feel your posts are no longer being seen like they used to and your follower numbers are decreasing or feel stagnant. 

Instagram stories can change all of this.

Instagram story graphic created in Canva

In today’s online world, storytelling is all the rage. Without a story, your brand simply has nothing. Stories sell, it’s that simple.

But, how can you tell your brand story in a fun way to stand out?

How can you show your audience who you and your brand really are?

Instagram stories have made it easy to show your audience your brand story on a daily basis in a creative and personal way. More and more people are discovering the power of stories, and it’s time you jump on that bandwagon, like, yesterday!

So, how to use Instagram stories to tell your brand story? How does your story develop authenticity? Even more importantly, how does that story create trust that your audience so desires? 

Instagram story graphic created in Canva

When you go on Instagram, what is the one thing you do every time? Do you scroll through your newsfeed or do you click one of the bubbles at the top to watch something more interactive? 

Within the past year, Instagram has added more features to stories than ever before and there is a reason for that. Stories are getting way more engagement and views than newsfeed posts ever did. 

Stories give users a more real-live look into your life. 

Maybe you’ve created the perfect graphic to let your followers know your newest Podcast episode is now live, but you want to show your followers more of a behind-the-scenes look which is where your stories will come into play.

You might post a beautiful photo of your food on your newsfeed, but what about the process of getting it to look that way? What about the mess you made in the kitchen while cooking it? Or how it looked when you pulled it out of the oven? 

People want to see this because it makes them feel more connected to you. Stories are raw and unfiltered compared to our feeds that represent our most beautiful and ideal selves. Your audience eats that up! And the best part is, you don’t have to break the grid!

Instagram story graphic created in Canva

Here are a few helpful tips on how to use Instagram stories to tell your brand story in a way that will leave your followers wanting more!

Know Your Audience & Create It For Them

Do me a favor and look at your audience. Look at who is following you and engaging on your posts. What do they want? What is a problem you can help them solve? Why are they following you? 

These are super important questions to ask yourself when determining what content to create. Should your stories be informative for them? Should your stories teach them something? 

Create content for them as if you are speaking to a friend. This will make you seem genuine and real to your audience and will make them love you even more.

Be Consistent

You always hear me stressing about the art of consistency. It’s not all about the content, it’s about the frequency that you are putting your content out there. 

You can’t look at consistency as posting only 2-3 times a week. Consistency means showing up every damn day. Even if you don’t have anything to teach that day or special content to post. 

Create a poll, ask a question, show a photo of you walking your dog. It doesn’t matter what it is if you are consistent about it.

Share Others Content

Has someone you’re following posted a quote you love? Has a client of yours posted an award-winning testimonial about you? 

Reposting someone’s content has a lot of perks. Not only do you grab the attention of the person you’re reposting from, but you grab the attention of people who may want you to repost their content for them, too.

Not to mention, it’s fun to support one another.

Promote Your Published Content

Did you just release an amazing post filled with super great content? Or maybe you’re proud of that epic Instagram-worthy photo…Either way, you’re looking for more likes and comments on that particular post. 

Use stories as a way to promote your published content. Remind your followers that they should come to your profile. That not only your stories features great content, but your profile does, too!

Whatever You Do, Be Creative

You want each post to be a delicious, snackable piece of content for your audience to divulge in. (You can tell I’m hungry!) 

Don’t be too afraid to post random things or something that is out of the norm for your grid. That’s the beauty of stories – you can be as creative as you want to be. 

Also, keep in mind that Canva has amazing templates made just for stories. So, if you are looking for that perfect look, making your stories ahead of time could be worth it!

There’s no limit to stories. Be as creative as you want to be. This is YOU telling YOUR story after all. Show what you and your brand is all about! 

Are you struggling to not only create the content, post consistently, AND utilize stories to its full advantage?

Are you feeling the overwhelm that comes with having to do #allthethings in your business that you can’t possibly try to do stories, too?!

It’s completely normal to feel this way. Especially as a solopreneur like yourself. Not only do I help my clients with content creation and management, but I can help create engaging stories to grab the attention of your followers and land you those sales. Let’s get your brand to stand out above the rest. Book a FREE discovery call with me today and let’s determine one of the endless possibilities of what your brand story can be.

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