YouTube for Business: Is It Worth the Investment?

Looking for new ways to market your business without breaking the bank? Now that’s easy! With everyone going online these days, it’s about time that you start investing in a platform where you can reach hundreds, if not thousands, of your target audience. 

Yup. I’m talking about YouTube. With COVID forcing every generation to be online in one form or another, many are turning to this platform for training, fitness, news, and so much more!

Believe me, it’s silly to not be investing in YouTube in 2021. 

Let me ask you: How many times have you gone on YouTube just this week to watch something? I bet you couldn’t even count. Proof that it’s definitely at par with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in terms of marketing potential.

In fact, did you know that the latest statistics show that some 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day? 

Just think of what that means for your business. I’m giving you a moment to let that sink in.

But here’s the catch: A million other entrepreneurs think the same way, too. So, how can you stand out of the competition and get yourself seen?

Here’s 3 YouTube Strategies You Should Try

There are obviously more than just three strategies out there that you can use for your YouTube marketing campaign. Let’s zero in on these 3 ideas you should be considering for your online business strategy.

YouTube Ads

One of the most common ways to get hot leads off YouTube and right onto your page or get them to check out your YouTube videos is through paid ads. Of course, the longer your ad, the higher the amount you’ll need to pay.

Done right, paid ads can be a clever way to drive more traffic (and hopefully more sales) your way. This strategy can be tricky though, as you have to get your messaging right to catch the attention of your target market. I’m talking about making sure that the first 5 seconds of your ad is enough to make them click on your link and check you out. 

But you know me, I’m all about that organic reach…so here’s some other ideas if you aren’t wanting to break the bank: 

Create video content

Sure, having a blog is a great way to establish your expertise in your industry, but nothing beats adding a personal touch to your brand through videos. 

For a lot of entrepreneurs, just the thought of getting in front of the camera is enough to trigger a mini heart attack. I feel you! 

But listen. These days, consumers are all about buying from businesses and brands that they know and trust the most. Regularly posting valuable content in video form on your YouTube channel can do wonders for your brand and increase your visibility.

So, go through your blog posts, see which ones you can do a livestream about. Once you do that livestream, download it into an mp4 file which you can then put on your YT channel. BOOM! See how easy that is?! I’m all about repurposing.

Plus, if you get lots of subscribers and views for your videos, you’ll also get the chance to be part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Now that’s one more income stream for you!

So, the next time you find yourself getting anxious about going on-screen, just think of how videos are among the best marketing tools you can use to give your brand the boost it needs. 

Capitalize on your channel

It can be tempting to just post videos on whatever topic you can think of, but it would be best if you just stick to your niche and cover it extensively. So, if you’re in the beauty industry, for example, you wanna focus on just that topic, rather than hop from one subject to another for your videos.

Make sure that your branding is consistent as well in every video that you post, and try to engage with your viewers as much as possible. The more you engage with your community, the more you’ll get to grow your audience.

Add end screens and tags to get people to see your other videos, add a watermark and/or a branded introduction to your videos, and don’t forget to use those keywords!

Remember, you want your channel to be the first name that people will remember when they need expert ideas on the field you specialize in. So do what you can to ensure that happens.

Get your brand seen on YouTube

If you’re just starting out on YouTube, be prepared to invest in it for the long term. But don’t worry! As long as you do things right and stay consistent, sooner or later you’re gonna reap the results of running a marketing campaign on one of the most popular platforms out there.

Need help with capitalizing your YouTube channel and getting it seen by your ideal audience? Book a 1:1 call with me and let’s talk about how we can make amazing things happen for your business! I can help you generate topics for future videos, help you with the editing, publish it on your channel with all the right keywords and tags, not to mention the marketing that comes after to get your video seen by the people who want to learn FROM YOU!

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