3 Tips to Crafting Your First Email Marketing Funnel

Over the course of the last few months, almost every new client I’ve signed has come to me WITHOUT an email marketing funnel. Some were in the process of just getting ready to launch their business. Others have been in the game for a while now and were looking for a new set of eyes to show them what they needed.

That’s where I came in.

Regardless of their situation, I immediately told them the first thing we need to do is set up an email marketing funnel. Yes, that means before we even begin to focus on social media.

Why is email marketing so important?

Your email list is KEY to nurturing those relationships with your audience. Even if you just have a couple people on your email list…it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Over time, your email list will begin to grow with raving fans. 

I’m not gonna lie, the first time I heard marketing funnel, I thought I needed an MBA to understand. My AS and BS was not going to help. However, as time went on and I started doing things myself, I realized it’s actually a lot more simpler than it seems. And it goes sort of like this….

Develop your opt in offer, create an email sequence revolving around that opt in offer, and then promote, promote, promote.

You gather emails, send subscribers targeted emails, and then BAM! You got customers lining up at your door.

Just remember, the email funnel is just the beginning. Yes you can offer as many freebies as you want and get more and more subscribers into your welcome sequence, but what’s most important is that you continue emailing them to keep yourself on top of mind. Ultimately, that’s how you will succeed at making a sale.

So, enough rambling – let’s take a look at my top 3 tips for crafting a better email marketing funnel.

Step 1: Perfect your opt in offer. 

Keep these questions in mind as you are beginning to brainstorm your offer: “What do most people come to your site hungry for?” “What’s the problem they’re aiming to solve?” “How are you going to capture that lead?” 

Let your imagination run wild when creating this. Have fun with it. Think of what your audience would LOVE to receive for free. For example, mine is the perfect launch kit. 

Step 2: Design a beautiful landing page where people can sign up for that offer.

Mailchimp makes it SO easy to design a great landing page where people can learn more about what you are offering to them and easily capture their emails with ease and flow. The landing page can be as simple or as in depth as you’d like. 

Step 3: Create a 5-7 welcome email sequence 

An email sequence should include what they signed up for (duh) and value emails showcasing what you do and how you help while not being too salesy. I break down exactly what this email sequence should look like in my blog post, “How to Sell Your Launch Online (During COVID-19) w/ The Perfect Opt-In & Email Sequence”.

Your emails to nurture those that signed up in your funnel shouldn’t stop there. Best practice is to continue emailing your list weekly or biweekly to stay on top of mind. This is in addition to the email sequence you are already putting into place.

Emailing your list weekly could include blog post teasers (like I do), showcasing other offers, or sharing client success stories (that’s a hot topic). 

For all of the points above, I repeat: TEST IT. Email is a great channel for a whole bunch of reasons, one of which is that it’s highly trackable. Track it, test different approaches, and do what works for you and your audience, and the results will flow.

My favorite saying is, “Create a Yellow Brick Road With Your Email Funnels.” Make your roadmap easy to your offer.

Do you have an email marketing funnel already in place?

Could something be holding back your email funnel from achieving your marketing goals?

Or are you new to this and are trying to find what the simplest, perfect email marketing funnel looks like?

Wherever you are in your marketing journey, I’m here for you. Whether it’s making adjustments to what you already have in place to make it perform better or putting something in place that you knew you would never have had the time or the knowledge in order to do. 

I’d love to discuss how we can work together to get your email marketing funnel in place to nurture your leads and make those sales. Book your free call with me today: www.calendly.com/crystalstatskey

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