How To Generate Leads Through Social Media

When you think of making a sale, do you think it will come from social media?

Have you been the type to associate social media with brand building and NOT sales?

Think again.

Social media is the best platform to generate leads and make sales in today’s online marketing world. 

Yes, you might be thinking there are other ways such as email marketing or having a website. However, that is to nurture your leads further down your funnel. 9 times out of 10, initially your leads are actually going to come from social media so you want to make sure you are using it to your advantage.

So, the biggest question here is: How do you take your social media platforms and turn them into lead generating machines? Let me show you…

Determine your target market:

Before creating any content, you need to look at who your target audience is. This will determine the type of content you should be sharing and which platforms you should be utilizing. 

Are you a video company? Maybe you want to be sharing behind the scenes footage? Youtube, IGTV, and FB live streams are where you will probably reach your biggest audience.

Are you a publicist or business coach that gives valuable and insightful industry information? LinkedIn and FB groups are where it’s at for you!

You see where I’m going with this?

Ads VS Organic Marketing:

When generating leads, you may want to consider running ads rather than just sticking to marketing organically. This is if you want FAST results, which I’m sure many of us do.

Facebook and Instagram are 2 great platforms to run ads depending on your target market. They can be relatively inexpensive, just remember to not go cheap. You want to make them worth your time and the more money you put into them, the better your results will be.

Have a post that is performing relatively well? Boost it! No need to create something new.

Run a contest:

Looking for a fun way to engage with your audience? Social media contests are all the rage! They’re a great way for you to promote your brand to a larger and more diverse audience. 

Think about it: The rules of the contest are to tag a friend or share it to their page. This gives you a HUGE opportunity to reach more people and let it snowball from there.

Take it one step further by creating an ad for it. See above 🤪

Create events:

Have you ever thought about running a livestream as an event? Maybe you’re interested in hosting a webinar or a FB live…

However you choose to host your social media event, a good rule of thumb to follow: Make your virtual event like a dinner party. Invite people by reaching out to them personally via direct messaging on whichever platform you choose. Be conversational during the event and make people feel included and welcomed. 

Not sure what to make an event about? Maybe you want to create it around your past social content. I could easily create a livestream out of any of these blog posts I’ve written…oh wait, I have! 🙌


IGTV is essentially Instagram’s answer to YouTube in that it’s designed for the mobile-optimized viewing of long-form videos. Any user can set up their own channel and share video content that’s up to an hour long.

Videos are outperforming any other content out there in the social media world. Whether it’s livestreams or pre-recorded videos, they are changing the world of marketing. So, you’d be a fool not to use this to your advantage.💥

You don’t even have to put in the extra work to create your IGTV video. Let’s say you are already doing a livestream on Facebook. Reuse that livestream and place it on IGTV. 

FB groups:

If you’ve read any of my posts, then you know I am a HUGE fan of FB groups. They have changed my business more than any other platform out there. 70% of my clients come from FB groups. The other 30% from referrals from the people that FOUND me initially on FB Groups. 

It’s my number one tool in finding leads, and I suggest you try it, too. Read more here:


Stories are a great way for you to share whatever you want and make your brand seem more personable without cluttering up your newsfeed. Better yet? Stories have the opportunity to promote what you’re selling to even more people in a way that your audience finds interesting which means….MORE SALES!

Learn how you can be using stories (whether it’s Facebook or Instagram) to your advantage so you can make bank! 💰


People use the hashtag symbol (#) before a relevant keyword or phrase so their content can show easily in a search. Clicking or tapping on a hashtagged word in any message shows you other content that includes that hashtag. 

In my honest opinion, I find that hashtags perform best on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Especially Instagram. You can go all out with hashtags and hide them in your comments so they don’t clutter up your post. 

Hashtags are a great way to draw attention, to organize, and to promote. You’d be silly not to use them. Make sure you are constantly researching new hashtags that are performing best by using Google, Instagram or another search tool.

Start changing the way your business uses social media today. Stop thinking of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as just tools for branding, and get more value by using them to generate leads.

Does the thought of generating leads even after reading this blog post cause unnecessary stress and feelings of overwhelm? 

Generating leads doesn’t have to be a huge time consuming project. In fact, it’s a great reason to outsource to someone like me. 

As an OBM, this is exactly how I serve my clients, by getting them engaged and visible online so they can generate leads and drive them down the funnel to make the sale. Whether you need a strategy set in place and someone to hold you accountable OR someone to take on the everyday tasks of creating the content and participating in platforms on your behalf, an OBM like myself can certainly take hours off your plate (and generate the leads that are just out there waiting to find you). 

Book a FREE call with me today and let’s discuss what generating leads could look like for you:

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