How I’m Helping My Husband Build His In-Person Fitness Business Completely Online

A big project I’ve been working on has been guiding my husband to begin his own business. He’s always wanted to be his own boss, make his own schedule, you know where I’m going with this… Because if you’re anything like me and many of the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, you’ve always felt that drive, too.

So, he took the plunge last month, quit his day job and dove right into starting his fitness business. Starting next month, he’ll be renting a space at a local gym where he can bring in 1:1 clients. In the meantime, we’ve been focusing on building rapport, networking, and getting the word out there so he has clients lined up by the time he begins his lease.

I’m helping my husband build his in-person fitness business completely online. Here’s how:

  1. Building a community around his brand – we’ve created a Meetup Group where he hosts free outdoor fitness classes to network and meet people within his community. (We also post those same events on Eventbrite, Nextdoor, and his FB page while cross promoting them in my women in business networking group, Monetize Your Passion Society.)
  2. From there, we build onto those relationships with those that attend by adding them to an email list funnel and encouraging them to follow him on social media where we keep them in the loop about future events, classes, fitness tips and more.
  3. By focusing on his social media presence, we post content that will entice people to join his classes by giving them sneak peaks into what those classes look like with reels and photos. At the moment we’ve only been focusing on Facebook and Instagram as that’s where his target market is for the most part. We are beginning a YouTube channel that will feature trailers of his upcoming workouts, workout tips, and short workouts that you can do at home.
  4. Social media is also helping us reach more people within the Rochester area with hashtags specific to the city we live in. Facebook Groups are also helping us with this and the NextDoor app by connecting with people in our local area.

Those are just a few of the ways I’m helping my husband build his in-person fitness business completely online. All the resources he needs to grow and find clients, lie in just a few key areas.

Do you have any questions about the systems and processes we have in place back here? Happy to answer!⁠

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