Content Marketing with Social Media to Become Massively Visible Online

Content creation is what happens behind the scenes. It’s how you answer your audiences’ biggest problems so they can trust you in order to buy from you. It’s videos you watch on IG or YT after a long day. It’s informational posts you read when scrolling through your newsfeed that give you those ah-ha moments. Content helps you attract, engage and educate your audience in a personable way.

When it comes to content creation, I focus on 3 key points when developing a social media strategy. Determining your content goals, figuring out a social platform you can become an expert at, and then figuring out a schedule. 


First, you need to set your content goals, so on social media do you want people to buy from you right then and there? 

Do you want to just build brand awareness?

Maybe you just want to get a lot of followers…

You need to get clear on that before you can determine what type of content you should be creating.


Also based on the type of goals you have will better determine what social platforms you should be using. Because it’s not ideal to use every single platform out there. There are so many to choose from so it’s important to become an expert for at least one or two of those. If you spread yourself too thin, you’re going to find yourself not being as effective.

I’ve limited myself to using FB, IG, and LI. with the occasional YT if I have a video to share. But the majority of my energy goes towards FB and IG. Because that’s where many of my clients are and they enjoy keeping up with my stories and learning from my posts. And I find myself being able to network with my ideal audience way easier than any other platform. But that’s just me, everyone is different and you need to figure out where you need to be. 

So you need to determine If you’re wanting to create a lot of video content, IG, TikTok, or YT is the way to go.

If you’re wanting to educate people maybe you want to use FB and IG.

If you’re wanting to post industry insights and network with professionals, LI is your go-to.


Each individual platform (and this is why it’s important to choose a platform to build content around) has its own algorithm. For example, this changes all the time so it may not be as true today as it was yesterday. But…

IG wants you to engage within 30 minutes of posting, it also doesn’t want you to post again within a 24-hour time period. So your content plan should only have one post a day or every other day.

Same with FB, especially in FB groups, don’t post twice in a 24-hour period because FB won’t show your old posts in the group so what you posted earlier wouldn’t be relevant when you post later. 

LI wants you to post in real-time. It will encourage your post to do better. 

So this is why your content goals and figuring out what platform you’re going to be an expert in and fully utilize is essential when creating a content schedule.

So, in conclusion. when you are identifying and executing a content marketing strategy for social media, keep in mind your content goals and what you are wanting to accomplish with your content, figure out 1-3 platforms you want to be utilizing and become an expert in those, and then creating a content calendar and plan that’s going to have you more consistent that you can follow with ease. This will have you growing your visibility and your business online in no time.

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