3 tips to crafting a better email

Email marketing can be a challenge because the average person gets more than 100 emails per day. Even worse, nearly half of those emails qualify as spam.

The best way to break through the clutter is with great emails that resonate with your audience. So how do you do that?

Every email is a blank slate, full of potential and possibility.

If you want to create better email content you need a focused strategy and the willingness to try new things until you find the formula that works. It’s all about testing what works and what doesn’t.

The best email marketing content is:

– Single-minded with one goal
– Relevant to its audience
– Visually easy to read
– Defines what the reader needs to do next

How it helps your biz:

-Convey a clear and compelling message
– Have a unique voice that is personal and relatable
– Build a relationship with your subscribers
– Tell your story
– Share a product or service
– Drive conversions

So here are 3 tips to help you craft a better email so you can increase your open rates and score more leads:

#1 Be human

Email is personal, yet a lot of email marketing comes across as impersonal and even generic. Craft your emails like you are writing to a friend in a normal,
The value and benefits you offer attract people to subscribe, but it’s your personality and brand that keeps people coming back. People read your emails because they like YOU!
When you are yourself and focus on the relationships you build with your leads, sales will come. If you try to sell before you establish the right rapport, you will fail.
Many people follow the 70/30 rule—70% of emails should give value and build rapport while 30% can sell.

#2 Set one content goal

Yes, you may have a lot of offers, but think about what you’re trying to accomplish with this email. If you don’t have a clear end goal, your email content is likely to drift all over the place, leaving your readers overwhelmed, confused or uninterested.

So, don’t promote all of your offers in one email, pick one that you want to promote or that is relevant at the moment. Do you want to promote your FB group? Great, stick with that. Let people know about the group, the benefits they’ll get from joining, why they should join, what you’re doing in the group that would want them to attend.

For example:
In every one of my email newsletters (more or less), I promote my Facebook Group – Monetize Your Passion Society. I mention the guest speakers that are hosting an upcoming webinar, one of our many in-person and virtual events, as well as wins from our members.

Whether your goal is to drive traffic, improve customer retention or increase sales, it’s important to define it and craft the content to achieve that goal in the most efficient way.

Lastly #3: Make it visually appealing

Your message is much easier to read when it’s visually pleasing. Can your readers scan the content quickly to get the overall message?

If a reader opens your email and sees dense paragraphs, they will head for the hills. Try breaking up your text with subheads or using lists. Bold words, italic words, underline things. The more variety within your text, the better so people can easily pick out keywords or things that may interest them. Because let’s face it, NO ONE reads word for word your blog posts or your emails. They skim. Ain’t nobody got time to read you pouring your heart out.

The goal is for the reader to scan your email to see if it’s worth diving deeper. This is even more important for mobile devices where the text is compressed.

Using imagery is also an important element. Not only does it break up your text, but images are powerful ways to communicate. You could also use GIFs to add a more dynamic visual element to your email newsletter.

You’ve probably heard the saying: A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagery can quickly tell a story, which is important when people are scanning your content.

You don’t need any fancy software to create an email campaign. In fact, I use the free platform Mailerlite which is super basic, but very easy to use and creates beautiful emails with little to no effort.

The beauty of email marketing is the more time you spend collecting emails and driving conversations within your email content, it’s almost a guarantee your sales will increase, your audience numbers will increase, your engagement on social media, and more.

So, if you’ve already been doing email marketing for some time now, that’s ok. Take these tips with a grain of salt, implement them, test them, and try again. It takes a lot of time, trust me. I’ve been doing this for 3 years straight now, and I have less than 500 ppl on my email list. And that’s oK! I know they are good leads because I get responses to my emails, my click rates are fantastic, and it’s going to continue to grow. I don’t need thousands on my list to be happy.

You’re in it for the long haul, not a quick ROI. That’s what makes an email marketing campaign special.

Good luck 🙂

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