3 Valuable Resources To Increase Awareness/Visibility Around Your New Offer

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Have you recently launched your business or a new offer and are looking for ways to build awareness among potential clients?

Or maybe you are trying to find effective ways to promote your business or that new offer to get more people to buy?

Whatever the case may be, there are 3 Valuable Resources To Increase Awareness/Visibility Around Your New Offer that you must know.

By utilizing these three valuable resources that you have at your fingertips, I guarantee you will increase your visibility and most importantly, increase your sales! Who doesn’t want to make more money?!

1.) Email Marketing

My number one recommendation to educating your potential clients and promoting your new services is by email marketing. Email marketing is a great resource to build and nurture those relationships with potential clients that are already interested in your business. And you can be confident that they are interested in your services because they subscribed to your list! 

So, how can you get people on your email list? 

By creating a compelling opt-in offer that people can’t resist, you will be building your email list in no time. This is so important because in order to utilize email marketing, you have to have people to email right?

No matter how big or small your email list is, weekly emails are a must in order  to stay on top of mind and compel your audience to want to take action and learn more about you and your offers. Don’t be sporadic about it and only do it every now and then, because people get a lot of emails in their inbox daily and you don’t want them to forget about you.

This is the perfect opportunity to share information, educate, and promote your services!

2.) Social Media

This should be an obvious one right?

It’s true, social media is a super valuable resource to increase awareness/visibility around your business or new offer.

Facebook Groups, Instagram Stories, Pinning your blog posts – all of these are super helpful tools in connecting with your potential clients on a much higher level. 

You already know your potential clients are using social media, so by being consistent and posting each day to your platforms, you can be confident in knowing that your next client will find you in no time. 

3.) Blogging

As a travel blogger, I found a love and passion for writing. So when it came to blogging for my business, it came naturally. 

I know this might not be the case for some of you, and that’s ok!

You don’t need to be the perfect writer or an expert with grammar. You just need to WRITE!

Choose topics that your potential clients will find interesting and helpful. These should be topics that you deal with everyday in your business. So, it should come to you naturally! 

The best part about blogging is that you can repurpose that content in a variety of ways to make your email marketing and social media game that much easier.

For example: This blog post you are reading right now – I will be turning into about 5-7 social media posts to be scheduled throughout the week. I will then turn this blog post into a short teaser to send out to my email list to encourage them to read more. This blog post is meant to be educational and informative to my potential clients. 

See how easy that is?!

How are you using these three valuable resources to increase awareness/visibility around your new offer or to promote your business? 

Want to learn more ways to utilize these platforms to your full advantage? Or do you need  some help because you don’t have the time?

I totally get it. It’s not easy running a business and managing your existing clients, while trying to promote yourself and find new clients so you can make more money. Sometimes it can be down-right exhausting.

If you’re nodding your head right now, then that means it’s time for you to think about hiring support.

As an OBM and visibility strategist, I help my clients free up HOURS of their time so they can focus on other things and actually have the freedom to live the life they desire. All the while giving them strategies to up-level their visibility so they can increase their audience and make more sales.

Think about why you started this business…it wasn’t so you could spend hours hustling behind your laptop, it was to actually be able to attend your kids sports games, travel, or relax outside with a glass of wine – whatever freedom looks like to you, right? And if ‘free’ is the furthest thing from what you feel right now, an OBM is the right next step.

Book a FREE discovery call today to find out how I can help you streamline your business and handle things on the back-end, so YOU can finally live that life of freedom. www.calendly.com/crystalstatskey

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