The #1 Shortcut To Building Brand Visibility Before Your Launch

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Right now, you’re gearing up for your launch. Whether this is your first launch, 2nd, 3rd, 4th – doesn’t matter. By now you should know visibility is a HUGE deal. 

Why is visibility so important before your launch?

  • So you can KNOW you have an audience who’s ready to buy what you have to sell BEFORE you spend all your time creating it. 
  • So you don’t have to worry about where your next sale is coming from, because you’ve built a community of raving fans who can’t wait to buy what you put out.

But how do you go about gaining visibility before your launch?

Visibility is everything when you are trying to build your business.

Visibility earns you traffic, gets you exposure, and most importantly it helps you build a reputation around your brand.

So, where should I start?

The #1 shortcut to building brand visibility before your launch is creating content.

Content is a huge part of any business and you need to make it compelling and consistent for your brand.

What type of content should I be creating?

Focus on creating informative posts based on your experiences. This makes your content more relatable to your ideal client. 

Start by asking questions that might relate to who you’re trying to speak to in order to grab their attention. Then dive into talking about your experience with the chosen topic and relate it back to your expertise and your business. Always end with a call-to-action (CTA). And wah-lah! You just created some awesome content to be shared.

Where should I distribute content?

Should this content be used as a blog post, email blasts, social media posts? Why not all 3!

Distributing your content on different platforms like these will land you views and help you connect with your potential clients. 

So, how can I utilize these platforms?

Create an informative blog post, share a teaser of your blog post to your email audience, and then create short social media posts based on your initial blog post. I know it sounds like a lot, so let’s break this down.

Let’s start by focusing on social media. Choose 2-3 platforms that you think your potential clients spend the most time on. Break your already created blog post into 5-7 social media posts to be shared sporadically across these 2-3 platforms.

For example, I focus on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin because I know those platforms are where I get the most leads.

How can I use these 2-3 platforms to my advantage?

Sure, posting consistently on Instagram is super important, but did you also know that Instagram stories are a great tool to connect with people on a more personal level? Use these daily and encourage people to engage with you by asking questions and offering CTA’s. IGTV is also an up and coming tool to use on Instagram to really talk and share amazing valuable content with your followers. 

Facebook is no longer strictly for personal use. It’s an amazing business marketing tool that I use The best thing about Facebook is Groups. There are so many great Facebook groups out there for businesses and online entrepreneurs that it just blows my mind! No matter what your niche is, there is a Facebook group out there for you, where someone has already built an engaged audience of YOUR ideal clients. Now, don’t just join and be stagnant. This is where you can post content to connect with others in the group. Get those fancy badges for being a “Visual StoryTeller” or “Rising Star” and I can guarantee you will make awesome connections. Use those 5-7 social media posts that you are already sharing to your Instagram and Facebook page, and share them in the groups as well. 

Let’s sum this up:

The #1 shortcut to building brand visibility before your launch is by creating content. Without content, your brand will never be seen. You have to be constantly talking about and informing your potential clients about your business in order to get any type of lead. By writing blog posts, sending emails, and posting consistently on social media, you will be well on your way to having a successful launch.

Are you struggling to find time to not only build your business from the ground up, but also write and share content on a consistent basis? 

We’ve all been there.

Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same holds true for your business.

With some patience and support, you can set your business up for success long before your launch takes off. That’s why I’m here.

As an OBM and Visibility Strategist, I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs to increase visibility, master content marketing strategies and streamline operations in their business so they can reach a wider audience, grow their impact, and fast-track big results.

Are you struggling in the day to day of your business? Let’s chat.

Book a free call with me today and let’s build a strategy to get your business from 😫  to 😃

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