Finding Your Niche By “Testing On Social Media”

Do you ever feel totally empty and confused because you don’t know what your niche and target market is?

When you find your niche and target market, you get this feeling in your gut filled with excitement that you just know it in your heart to be right. But when you haven’t found your niche and target market, you feel empty and confused. 

I know that’s how many of you currently feel and I know because I’ve been there – many times. 

It’s like you keep sharing content, launching, doing all the things, but no one seems to resonate with it.

I’ve launched my current business twice now, not to mention my past businesses before that… and each of those times it was a real struggle to find a niche that fit. Too many of us try to create a campaign and find our audience later, and what we really should be doing is finding our audience first and creating the campaign revolving around them. That way we can know what will sell before we spend the time creating it. 

Having social media and digital tools at our fingertips makes finding your target market a lot easier than it was back in the day when all you had were focus groups and surveys. Now, you can be posting things to your social media to get real-time results from real people all over the world. 

Welcome to “Testing on Social Media.”

You can find by posting content consistently and conducting personalized outreach on your social media platforms that it makes it easier to research and determine your niche and your target market. Some ideas to help you do these would be to engage in Facebook Groups, create collaborative posts, leverage those with bigger audiences, and most importantly: BUILD RELATIONSHIPS on social media.

So, how can you utilize Facebook groups to find your niche and future customers?

Facebook groups are all about consistency and relationship building. It’s like anything else in your business, if you don’t show up – you won’t succeed. 

I’ve discovered Facebook Groups are a great way to discover your niche and find your future customers. I’ve made so many connections being present in Facebook groups by engaging and posting helpful comments to those in need that I’ve actually landed sales for my business and have been able to dial in my niche and figure out who my future customers really are! 

Here’s a few tips for you to become active and engaging in Facebook Groups to test out your niche and find your target audience:

✨If you’re using Facebook and you want to find your audience online, use Facebook’s search bar to find groups that match your ideal customer’s interests. For example, if you are searching for people interested in ditching their 9-5 jobs and working remotely, search for the word “remote” and you will find tons of groups dedicated to people interested in promoting their online business or working remotely. 

✨Once you join those groups, post conversation starters and chime in on other people’s posts to build real connections. 

✨Create informative posts that revolve around your business and post consistently in the groups to see people’s response. This is super helpful when trying to determine who your ideal audience is!

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Building relationships to determine your niche isn’t always about creating great content and engaging with others, it can also be about collaborative content. By including others in your work, this can lead to better content, more traffic and long-lasting relationships. You are also reaching out to that other person’s niche and target market and gaining their followers in return. 

So how do you collaborate? 

You can reach out to other people within your niche that might be an influencer and collaborate in ways such as guest posting, IG takeovers, or giveaway collaborations. All of which are so fun it doesn’t even feel like work! 

If you aren’t making friends, you’re doing it all wrong!

It’s not about the size of your following, but the quality of your relationships. These are people who can truly help you. And they’re excited to help you. Why? Because you are just as motivated to help them.

Keep this in mind next time you are trying to market your business and aren’t seeing conversions.

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Lastly, how can you leverage people with bigger social media audiences to help grow your online community to ultimately grow your conversions? 

This can be a very tactical task among online entrepreneurs wanting to promote their products and services. Not only to find influencers within their niche, but to find influencers that have the audience they so desire. 

Building relationships with these influencers helps you build a reputable brand name. So, how are you going to do this?

A few ways I can suggest would be:

  1. Engage with those influencers by commenting on their posts and really interacting with things they have to say
  2. Build relationships with their followers by following and commenting on their profiles. This really helps with finding a new audience.
  3. Share those influencers content on your own social profiles and there is a chance they will do the same for you!

Obviously, there are many other ways to build relationships with influencers to reach their audiences and those are just a couple examples of what you can be doing RIGHT NOW. 

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How can social media help online entrepreneurs build relationships with clients?

Using social media these days is a must when building relationships with clients. Think about it for a second – social media is where your clients basically live these days.

So how can you use this to your advantage?

Building relationships and authenticity by being responsive to comments, messages, and posts to lead to better conversions. 

Consistency is critical to any relationship, and that stays true for social media. Posting daily and making yourself stay on a consistent schedule nurtures those relationships you are trying to build.

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I know this sounds like a lot of work, and the last thing you need when launching your business are more tasks to do on a daily basis. 

But the good news is, you have a choice: you don’t HAVE to be bogged down with these tasks and feel totally overwhelmed and burnt out. You CAN launch your business with ease, get the market research done, have things running seamlessly behind the scenes – You CAN have it ALL while having time to spare to have a life outside of your work. 

I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs do exactly that. I’ll help you take the guess-work out of finding your potential clients, and fill your heart with excitement because you’ve found the right niche and target audience for you and your business.

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