Done Is Better Than Perfect In Order To Stay Consistent

“Done is better than perfect” is a maxim for all of us prone to endlessly tweaking our projects and never finishing them. It’s actually one of my FAVORITE quotes, because it couldn’t be more true when it comes to creating content and running your business.

If you worked on your content until it was absolutely perfect, you’d never be posting ANYTHING. Done is better than perfect in order to stay consistent in your content marketing strategy. Here’s why:

“Done” Gets Results

Perfectionism for projects, whether written or otherwise, puts a damper on your overall marketing strategy. You can write and preach about your business until the cows come home, but nothing is going to happen if you waste time trying to make it perfect. Putting something out there on your social media or blog, gets you results. END OF STORY!

Perfection Creates Paralysis

Perfectionism is like stage fright. Some people get so worked up about it, that it prevents them from moving forward. I’ve had a number of clients who have had this happen to them when they are creating their own content. Maybe they wait until they feel confident enough to work on a piece of content, OR, they waste time working on that piece of content because in reality they think people aren’t going to care about it until it’s absolutely 100% perfect. Which isn’t true at all. People don’t care what it looks like. If it provides value, it’s good enough for them.

No One Will Care About Your Mistakes

Similar to what I said above – no one will care or notice mistakes. They just want value and that is what your content will provide to them. If you are a strong enough writer to get your point through your words, that is all that matters. And the people who are jerks about your errors aren’t the type of people you want in your life. Somebody who truly cares will help you and point it out tactfully. It’s really nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m a content writer – and I do it all the time! It’s probably even happened within this post.

You Can Fix It Later

This one should be obvious. Nothing is permanent, you can literally fix something you put out on social media or your blog at any time. If you go back later through your work and notice grammatical errors, wrong words, misspelled words – correct it. In fact, if you go back through an old blog post and edit it, Google actually likes that for their searches because they think it’s “updated” and newer. So, your post ratings will actually improve because of it. It’s a win-win!

“Done” Makes Money

Similar to point #1, “done” gets you results and makes you money. Your business isn’t going to bring in any revenue if you can’t post about it because you’re too busy being a perfectionist. Get your content out there for the world to see, whether it’s perfect, done, or crap.

Hope you don’t mind me being blunt. It’s ok to want to do a good job, but relying on perfectionism is a dangerous game for your business. Not only are you possibly creating significant barriers toward bring in income, but you’re making yourself miserable in the process.

The concept of ‘done is better than perfect’ is a mindset shift that doesn’t happen overnight. But remembering how little it truly does for your well-being is a great start toward making positive change. So, go forth and put something out there that is done, and not perfect. See what results you get!

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