4 Ways To Build Relationships With Your Leads

By now, you’ve probably invested so much time and energy (maybe even a little money) to build that list of raving fans. To build leads for your business that might actually convert to a sale.

You’re sitting there with this amazing list of people who signed up for your opt-in offers, who follow your social media, who joined your Facebook group, yet you still aren’t making the sale. Why?

Well, here’s the deal: You can’t make the sale, if you don’t build a relationship. 

It’s one thing to have a list of leads (congrats to you btw), but it’s a whole other thing to actually build that relationship enough to make the sale.

I have so many people that come to me and say, “I have 5,000 followers on Instagram” or “I have 3,000 people on my email list”, yet they still wonder why they aren’t seeing conversions.

Look, I’ve been there. I’m going to be completely transparent with you and say, it took a LONG time for me to figure out how to convert those leads into sales. And I’m not going to lie when I say it takes a lot of hard work and persistence. Building relationships is no easy task and you have to be up for the challenge.

I’ve broken this down into 4 strategies. With these 4 strategies, you will be making those conversions quicker than if you were to just sit back and expect those leads to come to you on their own. 

Here’s the 4 ways to build relationships with your leads:

1.You need some killer CTA’s.

It’s not enough to just post consistent content. You can send all the emails you want, schedule all the social posts your heart desires, but if you don’t have a Call-to-action (CTA), your audience isn’t going to move forward. They aren’t going to take you seriously and understand that you can actually solve their problems. 

Every landing page, every email, every social post needs a killer CTA that your ideal client can’t resist, but click! 

When I say a CTA, here are some ideas: “Book a free discovery call with me today by visiting www.calendly.com/crystalstatskey” or “Sign up today to receive your FREE launch kit by clicking here  http://eepurl.com/gqFFFT”. 

By placing CTA’s like that at the end of every post, even if they are just “comment below” engaging CTA’s, I guarantee you will start to see a difference in the number of your leads who will actually follow through. 

2. Make yourself personal

When I say “make yourself personal”, I don’t just mean to write your next email blast and put the common tag, “*|LIST:NAME|*”. I mean, that helps, but what I’m actually saying is to speak to your audience like you are speaking to each one of them individually. Still not making sense? 

Let’s look at it this way, you need to understand what your audience is lacking or what they need help with so you can tell them how YOU’RE going to help them solve whatever the problem is they’re having. It’s not enough to just be speaking to them generically, you really need to speak as if you are talking directly to them. Here’s a few things you can do in order to personalize yourself and help them with their problems: create how-to videos, conduct live streams so they can interact with you, write any and all content to be something of value…

Not sure what they’re problems are? Or want to learn more about your leads? Send them a survey or conduct a poll and ask them questions that you can create content about.

3. Be accessible

You don’t want to just post and run. You want to be engaging and interact with your leads. You can’t expect people to speak to you if you make yourself seem like you aren’t really there.

Make sure you have multiple channels that they can reach you. Offer different ways to chat. Invite them to send you a voice message via FB or Voxer. Better yet, have them book a call with you via your online calendar so you can speak in person. Invite them to speak to you over messenger or via email. (HINT HINT: These are great CTA’s)

Let them know that you are available to them and they will be that much more interested in trying to contact you. You want to make it as easy as possible. It’s sad to say it, but nowadays, people’s attention spans are so short that if they can’t do something within the click of a button, they won’t do it. So, don’t have some big questionnaire they have to fill out before they speak to you. Make it short and sweet and EASY.

4. Follow up

Once you get in contact with someone, don’t let them go. You made that connection and that will forever mean something. I know, it’s tacky to say it, but it’s true and it really works in this aspect. 

Did you have a discovery call a few months ago? Did you speak to someone in a Facebook group and now your Facebook friends? Have you had someone PM you and pick your brain about an issue they were having related to your line of work? This is your IN! 

Keep a roster in a document or in the back of your mind and follow up with those people from time to time. The worst they can say is no or unfriend you. Woopty doo! 

You know what’s even better? For the people who joined your email list, I urge you to keep building that relationship. Send regular newsletters, reach out to them personally, whatever it is you can do to stay on top of mind for your audience is key. They were compelled to give you their email, so that must count for something. 

When you want to build relationships, you stay in touch. That is true no matter what type of situation it is online or offline. 

Most importantly, you know what all these tips had in common? EMAIL. I must say, one of the most helpful things I”ve incorporated into my content marketing strategy is having an email list to market to. Yes, it may be small, but that’s because these are people who actually WANT to hear from me. People who may one day become my client. So, there is no shame in how small your list of leads may be, at least you have some and you know exactly what you need to do with them to build those relationships and make the sale.

There ya have it! These are the exact four strategies that have allowed myself and my clients to attract more ready-to-buy leads and hit consistent $5k months in business.

Are you next? 

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