How To Build Your Business Around The Lifestyle You Desire

Did you start your business with the idea you’d have more freedom to live the life you’ve always wanted? 

Were you hoping you’d have more time to spend with your family or to travel with nothing holding you back? 

Instead, you might be feeling like you are back at your 9-5 job, overwhelmed and burnt out with all the s**** you have to worry about because I mean, it is YOUR business after all…so if you aren’t moving the needle forward, who is? 

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, I thought the same thing when I first started my business, but IT DOES GET BETTER. 

Having your own business DOESN’T mean you can no longer have freedom like you had imagined. It just means you have to build your business accordingly, around your desired lifestyle. 

So, how can you build your business around your lifestyle you may ask? Simple: you need to outsource.

By outsourcing, you can relieve all that pressure that’s built up around owning and running your own business. You’d have a partner, someone to fall back on when times get tough, someone to run things behind the scenes so you can step away when you want to and not worry. 

If you truly want to work for yourself, first you have to picture what you want your life to look like. From there, you can choose the appropriate means to outsource so you can live the lifestyle you’ve been yearning for.

Even though you are working for yourself, doesn’t mean you have to work by yourself.

Depending on your needs to outsource, an OBM (online business manager) like myself might be right for you if you need help with:

  • Holding yourself accountable
  • Streamlining your processes and getting organized
  • Taking your vision and making it a reality
  • Finding the platforms to make that vision a reality
  • Creating a marketing strategy and implementing it
  • Saving you time, money, and headaches…

Just imagine how much time you could dedicate to your clients if all of this was taken care of for you.

When you think of an OBM, think of a project manager, organizer, marketing strategist who already knows what works and what doesn’t. Someone who can take any of those tasks you need help with off your plate and execute them from behind the scenes. 

As an OBM, I roll up my sleeves and dive in when it comes to helping my clients. I immerse myself in their business by learning the ins and outs of what it is they do and what they dream of doing. 

So, when do you know you should hire an OBM? If your business has grown to a point where you are spending more time managing the details of your business rather than focusing on your clients. When you feel things are falling through the cracks and you can’t keep up. An OBM can free you by taking those tasks off your plate so you can look at the bigger picture in order to grow your business.

In an older blog post of mine, I discuss the 3 Things To Outsource To Avoid Overwhelm and Burnout ( to show how you can utilize an OBM’s services. Of course, you can utilize an OBM’s services in a number of other ways, but those 3 things are the most important. They include project management, list building, and social media marketing. 

I specialize in helping those who are looking to take their business to the next level, streamline their launch, and automate sales. My project management skills help you stay accountable and on track when you are working to launch your business, set up your new online course, or establishing your website or landing page.

When it comes to list building, I’m your girl! I LOVE email marketing and it’s the most common thing I set up for ALL of my clients. Your email list should be your number one priority when launching your business because it’s the best way to nurture those relationships with the people who already want to hear from you! With my help implementing and executing processes to grow and nurture your email list, the results will feel like a breeze. 

Lastly, I’ve always found social media marketing to be a lot of fun. However, I know a lot of my clients would disagree. This is because most might not fully understand what it takes to be successful on social media, and that’s why with my help, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS. Social media marketing is more than just posting things on your platforms, it’s being consistent and engaging to your audience. 

With all these things, copywriting has become a HUGE part of my job. Whether it’s proofing client work or taking the reigns and writing their blog posts, emails, or social media content for them. Many people come to me because they don’t have the time to write and create content, and that is totally normal! 

With all of these tasks taken off your plate, just imagine the things you could be doing instead. Focusing on your clients…walking your dog…spending more time with your family…traveling with nothing holding you back…The possibilities are endless.

I understand your struggles with being a solopreneur because I am one. I manage the same things for myself that I will manage for you so I know the frustrations and challenges that come with tasks like the ones mentioned above, but better yet, I’ve figured out how to streamline them and make them massively effective.  

So, tell me, are you ready to work with an OBM that can take your business from stagnant to BOOMING in no time? 

Are you ready to take your vision of what your business SHOULD look like and make it a reality?

Let’s build your business around the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. It’s not as far out of reach as you may think.

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