How To Use Stories To Make Bank 💵

Have you ever watched someone’s Instagram or Facebook story and thought to yourself, “Man! They are killing it!”

Have you wondered how you can be doing the same, but even better?

Stories help you connect with your audience on a more personal level because you can share anything you want on these stories without mucking up your feed with ugly or not so professional photos.

Better yet? Stories have the opportunity to promote what you’re selling to even more people in a way that your audience finds interesting which means….MORE SALES!

According to Instagram, 80% of users follow at least one brand and 60% hear about a new product just by scrolling through their newsfeed. 

I’ve had a few coaching clients come to me over the past few months that either have an Instagram and don’t use it because they weren’t seeing the results they were expecting, OR don’t have an Instagram at all because they feel their audience isn’t on it. 

Well, sorry to say, but both of those reasons aren’t helping your business – whatsoever. 🙅

Your audience is on Instagram whether you believe it or not.

And I’m here to tell you today exactly how you can be using stories (whether it’s Facebook or Instagram) to your advantage so you can make bank! 💰💰💰

So, for starters…Let’s take a look at the two things you need to believe in before you start promoting: 

  1. What you are promoting is valuable to your ideal client
  2. What you are promoting can and will help your ideal client

Once you believe in these two things, you will be unstoppable. ✨

So, how can you get yourself noticed on Facebook or Instagram by utilizing stories? 

There are three types of content you can be focusing on in your stories:

  1. Content that shows who you really are and your personality
  2. Content that proves the results you get your clients
  3. Content that discusses a problem your ideal client has and how to solve it for them

By sharing these three types of content in your story, you suddenly become more personable because it’s coming directly from you and it doesn’t feel automated as it might feel on your newsfeed. 

Share your daily routine, client testimonials or videos, and do live streams talking about a super helpful topic for your ideal audience and I can guarantee, you will start seeing engagement coming your way!

Other than providing to your ideal audience what would seem like a content overload – I might also suggest doing some of these things that will definitely increase your following and engagement. Things such as:

  1. Take-overs
    • Find an influencer in your niche with a bigger following than yours and suggest a takeover. Find a day on your calendars that will work for both of you where you can takeover their stories for a day. You will have access to their audience and you can divert them to follow you after all is said and done.
  2. Behind the scenes footage
    • Getting ready for a livestream, brand photoshoot, or maybe a project you are doing for a client? Record that shizz and make it fun!
  3. Feature your audience
    • Something I enjoy doing if I see something useful on my feed is to screenshot it and share in my story. Make sure the person who posted it is tagged so they can engage and interact with you. Even better yet, they may follow you or repost what you did. Either way, it’s a win win.
  4. Have a poll
    • Not only does this give your audience something to do, but it helps them feel like they are being heard. It can also be super useful for you to get feedback and find out what your ideal client is struggling with the most. You can use that knowledge to your advantage to create content based around that.

Utilizing stories doesn’t have to be a HUGE time-consuming project or daily task to make you feel even more overwhelmed in your business. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be on your radar.

“How is this possible?” I’m glad you asked!

By outsourcing, all that complicated content creation and distributing can easily be taken care of with little to no work on your part. In fact, as an online business manager myself, I can even create a personalized, customized marketing strategy that is perfectly fit to your needs and budget. 

Your first step —> Book a FREE call with me so that you can learn how we can use stories for you to 💵 make bank 💵:

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