Why it’s necessary to outsource in order to scale your business

When I initially started my OBM business full-time, I told myself that this was a one-woman show. It was totally possible for me to do this all myself! I could easily make butt-loads of money, accomplish all of my daily client tasks and projects, and still grow my business. HAH! Boy, was I wrong.

Sure, I was making money to live comfortably. I was accomplishing the client tasks and projects. But, I wasn’t growing my business! The client tasks and projects eventually overtook my everyday which left me NO time to work on my own things. Therefore, leaving me stressed, overwhelmed, and with no safety-net.

As with every VA or OBM out there, you realize your clients come and go. So, if you dedicate ALL of your time to working on your clients tasks and projects, leaving you no time to work on your own business, when those clients eventually leave, you realize you were not marketing your business this whole time! Therefore you have no leads, no safety net, no idea of where your next client is going to be coming from.

I quickly realized that in order for me to continue growing my business while helping my clients grow their business, I had to bring someone else in. I had to outsource.

And outsourcing just makes good sense. Outsourcing doesn’t just maintain your business and make it easier to run, it makes it possible to scale. Not convinced? Here’s a few reasons why it’s necessary to outsource in order to scale your business.

  1. Outsourcing let’s you focus on what you do best.

    As a solopreneur with limited resources, you need to focus on what you do best! Which in my case is digital marketing to find leads and automate sales. Outsourcing allows me to focus on content creation and digital marketing for not only myself, but for my clients. A big part of what I do is content creation and before I outsourced, I found myself stuck with the small tasks like scheduling, engaging, and posting. This was not a productive use of my time because it was leaving me with less time to perfect my writing and dedicate myself to clients specific needs. Hiring someone allowed me to outsource those small tasks so I can focus on what I do best.
  2. Outsourcing brings more cash in.

    By outsourcing, it has left me with the capacity to bring in more clients without feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Which means more money! Before I outsourced, I was only able to take on 7 clients comfortably by myself, now I can take in 10 or more because I have a dedicated team to help me.
  3. Outsourcing allows you to broaden your expertise/offerings.

    As an OBM, my specialties are systems and processes, content creation and copywriting, and email marketing. By outsourcing, I can bring in people who specialize specifically in graphic design, videography, podcast editing and more. By having people in your corner that can accomplish tasks that you might not be an expert in, your business looks like it’s more inclusive and you can offer more to your clients.
  4. Outsourcing gives you flexibility.

    By now, you should realize that outsourcing will give you so much extra free time! Before I outsourced, I was always feeling stressed and overwhelmed, worried if I would get tasks done on time. Now, I’m able to get tasks done quickly and efficiently. Imagine: being able to take every afternoon off to enjoy things like taking a walk, reading a book, or lounging in the sunshine. It is possible!

Does the idea of OUTSOURCING tasks, or HIRING an OBM, feel way too risky?

You might be thinking…
… that you can’t afford to outsource or hire someone
… that hiring, training and managing will eat up your precious time
… that if you outsource, your clients or followers will know it’s not you

Sound familiar?

I know it’s hard to give up control, but it’s the ONLY WAY TO GROW. Let’s take your business to the next level with proven marketing strategies to nurture those relationships and make those sales you so desperately need!

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